7 Ways Artists Win
with Free Market Music

Free Market Music created the ultimate platform for artists to partner with brands, engage with fans and sell more music. Below are seven key ways Free Market Music makes it easier for artists to reach their career goals:

1. Cash flows quickly
We created Free Market Music for artists and labels to recoup music expenses more quickly, while reducing the content and cost required to market music to fans. Brands purchase bulk sales of music upfront, which allows artists to invest more money in their music and careers. On our platform, rights holders set the prices of their music releases (albums, EPs, singles) and are paid out in full when music is made available to fans on our app. Each music release downloaded on our platform is certifiable as a 1:1 Unit sale.

2. Brand partnerships made easy
Brand partnerships are highly sought after because of the additional revenue and career opportunities they provide artists. Free Market Music is a faster and easier way for artists to both secure new and strengthen existing relationships with brands. Our marketplace is a one-stop-shop for artist and brand teammates, including third-party agents, to customize profile pages, identify potential partners, send proposals and manage campaigns. The Free Market Music platform gives artists access to brands’ growing mobile and influencer marketing budgets.

3. Voices for good
Music generates unparalleled loyalty between artists and fans. On Free Market Music, artists can harness that energy into action. Through their music, artists can team up with brands to bring awareness to the causes and charities they believe in. In campaign videos, artists can use their voices of influences to encourage fans to get involved in making a difference in the world.

4. Content designed to drive fan engagement
We designed the Free Market Music app to turn fans into super fans. Campaign videos showcase artists personalities, creating a greater connection between fans and their favorite artists. With accurate lyrics uploaded by rights holders, fans learn the words while they sing along and develop a deeper understanding of the music. Direct links to tickets and merchandise, provided by artist teams, drive additional revenue without a third-party taking a cut of any resulting sales.

5. Songwriters get the mechanicals and recognition they deserve
By distributing DPD downloads, Free Market Music ensures that publishers and songwriters are paid their full mechanical royalties. We also designed our app so fans could discover music through the writers of their favorite songs. Every songwriter with music available on our platform has their own page which can be accessed through the song lyrics or found in search.

6. Monetizing free listeners
Two thirds of Americans currently do not pay for a subscription to a music streaming service. We built Free Market Music to finally unlock the enormous revenue potential that free listeners should be contributing to the music industry. With no cap on the amount of music a fan can unlock, the free listeners on our app can deliver a higher revenue per listener than any other platform.

7. High-octane data
On other free music apps, users can only passively listen to curated playlists or on shuffle mode, distorting the accuracy and relevance of the listening data. Conversely, on the Free Market Music app, fans intentionally unlock and play music, giving precise insight into the songs fans actually want to hear. Artist teams and rights holders can access our powerful demographic and listening activity data in real-time to plan everything from tour stops to radio singles to future brand deals.

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