7 Ways Brands Win
with Free Market Music

Free Market Music set out to create the ultimate marketing platform for brands. Based on years of research and our own experience using currently available ad-supported platforms, we designed and developed a better way for brands to build relationships with artists and music fans. Below are seven key ways Free Market Music makes marketing more effective for our brands:

1. Music is the gateway to our brains
Music is processed in all areas of the brain and evokes strong emotions and long-lasting memories. Research shows that music we enjoy releases dopamine and oxytocin, creating feelings of reward, happiness, love and trust. By directly providing fans with music on our app, brands will forever be associated with the good feelings, emotions and memories the music produces.

2. Influencer created content reigns supreme
Influencer marketing is highly effective in identifying qualified leads and acquiring new customers. Moreover, studies find that content created by influencers generates 8X more engagement than content solely created by brands and/or agencies. On Free Market Music, our artists create authentic branded video content that can be watched over and over by devoted fans, supercharging engagement for brand partners.

3. Provide value first to gain customers fast
Reciprocity marketing is incredibly effective when brands first provide customers with genuine value. On Free Market Music, brands “gift” fans the music and content they want, for free, driving direct sales and long term-loyalty.

4. Integration over interruptions
Research indicates how interruptive ads overwhelmingly produce negative feelings toward brands. At Free Market Music, we respect brands, music and fans by never interrupting the listening experience with ads. Instead, brands are authentically integrated into artist videos, images on lyric pages, and logo placements, generating continual impressions throughout the fan’s relationship with the music.

5. Artist and brand partnerships made easy
The impediments brands face when attempting to work with the music industry include difficulties securing proper music rights and navigating the many layers of decision makers representing artists. We designed our marketplace for artist and brand teams to connect with each other and create music campaigns through a straightforward, intuitive and easy-to-use process.

6. Delivering superior ROI converting fans into customers
Current platforms need tens of thousands of low-cost impressions in order to produce very few, yet high-cost conversions. Free Market Music provides a solution for brands to apply their mobile advertising spend to the music industry and achieve lower customer acquisition costs and attractive ROIs. On our app, campaign call-to-actions stay with the music and directly link to the brand website of choice, making it easy for fans to engage with and purchase products directly from brand partners.

7. Measure results with accurate, real-time data
Current music industry advertising avenues, including live events, radio promotions and television programing, provide only estimates of their potential audience reach. On our marketplace, we provide real-time demographic and activity data on the exact audience reach, allowing brands to prove campaign effectiveness and design future campaigns.

Get Started

We are excited to offer brands a new way to reach their marketing goals. Our marketplace is now live for brands and artists to start making partnerships and upload campaign content. Email us your name and the brand you represent to sign up.