Downloads: The Secret to Sustainability

On every other music platform, downloading music to listen offline is reserved as a premium feature behind a paywall. On Free Market Music, all fans download music for free with the flexibility of storing it in the cloud at their convenience.

Fans getting what they want is just the start to the list of benefits of a music download model. Below are the top three ways downloading music ensures a sustainable future for creators, brands and the planet.

1. Songwriters are paid fairly
Downloading DRM-free DPDs follows the legal standard of music sales, so songwriters are paid their compulsory mechanical royalties. If you are a fan or represent a brand, that may be overly technical, but it is critical for the health of the songwriting and music publishing industry. Our commitment to sustainability, includes paying the creators of music what they are legally owed, in upfront bulk payments.

2. Everyone saves money
Streaming content over and over again is expensive. By downloading music and listening locally on your device, fans save data costs and we (the platform) save on hosting and data transfer costs. This allows us to lower our service fees, so brands can use their marketing dollars to provide more music to fans.

3. Conserving energy and materials protect the planet
As a company, we are always striving to be “future seeking.” Although, CDs and cassettes are made from plastics and other materials, studies have shown that streaming is actually the most environmentally taxing form of music consumption due to its continuous use of energy. It isn’t just music. Platforms that charge brands by the number of impressions and then deliver the same repeat content to users, are also needlessly taxing the planet in the same way.

The business decisions companies are making now have a long-term impact on the world. Not only do we love working with brands that are both good for people and good for the planet, but we also pride ourselves in being one ourselves.

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